NetFoundry Component Specifications

NetFoundry Per-Network Capability Specification

Component Description Limit Notes
Endpoints The maximum number of Client or Gateway Endpoints that may register to a network 15,000  
Endpoint Groups   None  
Services per AppWAN The maximum number of services (IP Host, IP Network, Ping) allowed in a single AppWAN 150  
Total Services The maximum number of unique services provisioned on a Network 7500  
AppWANs Maximum number of AppWANs per network varies Total number of geo regions for each AppWAN combined cannot exceed 500
Client subscribed services Maximum number of services to which any single client or gateway can be subscribed. 5000 The client or gateway may be a consumer of services in multiple AppWANs.   Currently a client or gateway may be a member in the max number of AppWANs.
Services hosted by an Endpoint The maximum number of services a NetFoundry Endpoint is allowed to host. 150 The services may be in one or more AppWANs
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