2.14.0 - Target Release Date To Production - 2019-February 26


New Features

  • AppWAN Clone
  • Data Interleaving

AppWAN Clone

AppWAN clone makes it easier to configure multiple AppWANs. The clone option has been added with the edit and delete options for the AppWAN. Cloning an AppWAN makes a copy of an existing AppWAN (except for the existing AppWAN name) and allows the user to edit fields of an existing AppWAN to quickly make a new AppWAN.

Data Interleaving

Data Interleaving has been added as an Advanced Option under services attributes. The selection of data interleaving can provide additional security as data interleaving will split data traffic of a session across several transport paths. The selection of the data interleaving option may affect total data throughput in certain cases depending upon packet sizes. 

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