2.13.0 - Target Release Date To Production - 2019-Feb-12


New Features

  • HA Gateway
  • Enable Permanent Connection Option
  • Host Ping Service


HA Gateway

NetFoundry gateways can now be deployed in Highly Available (HA) pairs for additional availability. HA Gateway pairs are primary/standby. An existing gateway can be upgraded to an HA Gateway.

Enable Permanent Connection Option

The permanent service connection option can reduce the time required to setup the initial service connection for a client. By default, the transport connection to the NetFoundry fabric will timeout after a period of time if there is no active data transfer. The permanent connection option will speed up the initial access to a service by creating an active transport connection. The permanent connection option is available under the Advanced Options under Service Attributes. The selection of the permanent connection may affect scalability and throughput.

Host Ping Service

Host Ping service is a new service type in addition to the IP Host service and IP Network service. The Host Ping service allows a user to ping the NetFoundry gateway and to ping nodes attached to the gateway. 

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