2.11.0 - Target Release Date to Production - 2019-Jan-15 - Actual - 2019-Jan-18


Customer Features

Gateways Index Page

  • I want to create a High Availability (HA) Gateway (GW) from scratch (two new endpoints are created for this (one active, one standby)).
  • I can see HA GW (noted by HA) listed with side single gateways in the index table.

I can do the following things to an HA GW:

  • Create a new service on an HA GW.
  • Delete a service from an HA GW.
  • Delete an HA GW.
  • Prevent an HA GW (and its associated endpoints) from Assignment (as clients) to an Endpoint group.
  • Prevent an HA GW (and its associated endpoints) from Assignment (as clients) to an AppWAN.
  • Assign an HA GW service to an AppWAN.
  • Remove an HA GW service from an AppWAN.
  • Update HA GW Name (select one of HA GW Endpoints and update name, it will update name of both associated endpoints).

Self Service Signup and Billing

  • Add Button for Canceling Account.
  • As an enterprise customer, I should not be able to see any of the self service billing features, as they do not apply to me.
  • As an user, I want to sign up for a NetFoundry (NF) account with a credit card, so I can use NF services.
  • As an user, I want to edit card info, so I can change cards as needed.
  • Make tenant deactivation a standard authorized service.
  • As a billing admin, I would like to view past invoices, for record of cost.
  • Display List of Invoices for Customer.
  • As an user, I want to enter name on CC card, to know whose card is being used.
  • Present user with cost associated with new network.
  • Hide Self Service Billing features for Enterprise Customers.
  • As an user, I want to enter a billing email, so invoices go to the right place.
  • Add Email Field to Credit Card Signup.
  • Add Name Field to Credit Card Signup.


Customer Fixes

  • Text overlapping on GW launcher selection screen.
  • Deleting GW attached to service doesn't render actual error. 


Internal Features

  • Update Enterprise Billing View - If Enterprise Customers select Billing View, they are met with a page that clarifies that the billing dashboard is provided for self service customers.

Self-Service Signup and Billing

  • As a new customer, I would like to have the first month free.
  • As an user, I want to cancel my account.


Internal Fixes

Fetch Registration Details

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