NetFoundry Console Release 2.9.0 Release Notes

Release 2.9.0 to Production (Dec 11, 2018)


Customer Enhancements

  • System Component IP Addresses Available in Console

This is so customer can access NC IP Address for white listing the IP address when clients and gateways connect to Network Controller, Transfer Nodes, Registration Server, etc. through customer firewalls to the IP Address of those devices.

To access this information in the console, select the network pull-down menu, choose manage networks and then select a network name in the list.  This will show a list of components and their IP addresses.  A csv may also be downloaded from that display.

Customer Fixes

  • Public REST API for needs to validate Endpoint names to ensure no unsupported characters exist

Ensure 64 char limit
Regular expression similar to console 
no "_", "," , "&"

  • Update Network API is allowing the Network Name to be updated with special characters
  • More than one subscription is created with the same subscription name
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