Build an AppWAN for a cloud-hosted application


Use this workflow when you want to build an AppWAN to connect a brand new cloud location to your network. With this workflow you can choose existing network components (i.e. services, clients, gateways, services) or create new ones, as needed.

Steps required to build a Simple Cloud AppWAN:

  1. Launch the Simple Cloud AppWAN builder;
  2. Give a name to your Simple Cloud AppWAN;
  3. Identify the cloud where your application is hosted;
  4. Define the services that make up your application;
  5. Identify the endpoints that are authorized to use the application;
  6. Create your AppWAN;

Launch the Simple Cloud AppWAN builder

Creating or editing your AppWAN to secure a cloud-hosted app is simple using our guided AppWAN workflow.

  1. Navigate to Network Settings → Manage AppWANs page;
  2. Click the blue plus-sign icon to create a new AppWAN;
  3. Select the Simple Cloud AppWAN tile;


Give a name to your Simple Cloud AppWAN

Enter a unique name for your AppWAN in this freeform field.


Identify the cloud where your application is hosted

In this step, define the gateway that will be installed where your app is hosted. You may select from an existing gateway, or create a new one. This step is limited to one location/gateway. Learn more about gateways.


Define the services that make up your application

In this step, we define how we would like endpoints (clients, other gateways, and groups) to connect to our application. This is done by defining the necessary services of which you can add one or many that will be automatically assigned to the gateway you created in step 2. Each service requires an IP Address, Port/Range, and Protocol. Learn More about Services.


Identify the endpoints that are authorized to use the application

In this final step, define the endpoints (clients, other gateways, and groups) you would like to have access to your application. These can be things like peoples PCs (Clients), other data centers or branches (gateways), or even pre-created Endpoint Groups of bulk endpoints. There is no limit to the number of endpoints you can add. Plus, they can be preexisting, selected via the search field, or new by clicking the plus buttons. Learn More about Endpoints.

Ziti.svg  Ziti
  To authorize Ziti clients, ensure a Ziti Bridge Gateway is added to this AppWAN.


Create your AppWAN

When you're finished completing the form, click the blue Create your AppWAN button to provision your AppWAN. Standing up your AppWAN and provisioning all of the endpoints and services may take a few seconds. While the console works its magic in the background we'll keep you posted and notify you of any issues.


When your AppWAN has been successfully created you'll be shown the Network Summary Screen which is a live review of what you just built. Follow the instructions to launch and register any new gateways, or share registration details for any new clients. Tapping ESC brings you back to the main Manage AppWANs page, where you can return at any time to make edits or updates to your AppWAN.





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