Product V6- Create and Manage Endpoint Groups

This article applies to NetFoundry networks version 6 or prior.  Refer to Finding Your Network Version for detailed information on determining your Network Version. 


Clients and gateways are both types of endpoints. Endpoints can be assigned to AppWANs individually or as a group. Endpoint Groups are entirely user-defined and are optional. You may choose to group endpoints by department, geographic region, service level, or any other way you choose. These groups can then be assigned to AppWANs.

To manage your groups on the console, navigate to Network Settings → Manage Endpoints → Manage Endpoint Groups.

Click on the group title to edit the group. Click the blue plus-sign in the upper right corner to create a new group. When you click on a circle next to a group title, the blue plus-sign will turn into a red minus-sign, which will delete the group when clicked. The same can be done with individual group members to remove them from a group.


Create a new endpoint group



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