Application-Specific Network

An Application-Specific Network connects applications, rather than locations or machines.


A NetFoundry AppWAN is an application-specific access policy, which defines a set of Endpoints that are permitted to access a set of Services over a NetFoundry Network.

Console User

An individual member of an Organization explicitly authorized to access to the NetFoundry Console.


An Endpoint is any Client or Gateway that is registered with a Network Controller to transmit data over a NetFoundry Network.

Endpoint, Client

A "user device" (typically PC/Mac) and/or "non-user device" (typically an IoT device) that has the NetFoundry client software installed to access a NetFoundry Network.

Endpoint, Gateway

An Endpoint type that takes a data session originated/terminated on separate physical/logical device and originates/terminates that session onto a NetFoundry Network.


A term describing a Gateway provisioned to expose services on an IP network onto the NetFoundry Network. Gateways may perform both "ingress" and "egress" functions simultaneously.


A term describing a Gateway used by nodes on an IP network to access services exposed on a NetFoundry Network. Gateways may perform both "ingress" and "egress" functions simultaneously.

Intercept IP Address

An IP address that endpoints will use to reach this resource. This value can be the same as the IP Address, or it can be assigned any other valid IP address. In the later case, Endpoints can reach the service using the Intercept IP address, and not the real IP address.

NetFoundry Console

The NetFoundry Console is a dashboard application that customers use to create and manage NetFoundry Networks, to manage users, their account, and to view reports and billing information.

Network Controller

A Network Controller is a system overseeing a NetFoundry Network and its sub-components. Controllers are used to register Endpoints, create Services, and manage the relationships between them.

NetFoundry Network

A NetFoundry Network is an organizational component that contains one Network Controller and one or more Endpoints. NetFoundry customers can create as many NetFoundry Networks as they need.


An Organization owns an account at NetFoundry. An Organization may have one or more NetFoundry Networks.

Quality of Experience

Quality of experience (QoE) measures performance using subjective and objective measures of customer satisfaction.

Service, IP Host

An IP Host Service can be created to expose a single IP address and port (or range of ports) on a NetFoundry Network, e.g.,

Service, IP Network

An IP Network Service can be created to expose an entire CIDR block on a NetFoundry Network, e.g.,

Virtual Network Function

A virtual network function (VNF) is a generic term used to describe any member of a NetFoundry Network: Endpoints, Transfer Nodes, and Network Controllers.

Virtual Private Cloud

A virtual private cloud (VPC) is an on-demand configurable pool of shared computing resources allocated within a public cloud environment.

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