Sept 2018 Release Notes


  • vanity URLs
    • customer can (bookmark and) navigate to <mySiteName> to get to the login dialog for their site instead of having to enter the site name.
  • Added public /about service to provide simple version information from the API servers.
  • Customers can rename the assigned network name that appears in the NetFoundry console. 
  • Added Public REST API Service for ICMP Host Service (to support ping service to specific host on or behind gateway).
  • Added online/offline status(green dot) in the status column for clients and gateways in the console
  • Added the status as a sort-able column for clients and gateways 
  • In dashboards for Network Utilization and Gateway/Client data utilization: Added a 1m, 6m, and 12m filter to the utilization timeline in order to display the utilization for the current month, the last 6 months, or the last year
  • Removed the endpoint registration key for endpoints that have exhausted their registration attempts
  • Updated the Cloudformation Template Artifact. Launching a gateway with the Cloudformation button will now launch in the region the user selected when creating the gateway
  • Added more user friendly error messages
  • Added the pending invites to the users page in the console
  • Added capability on Console Component pages to be able to navigate directly to related clients, gateways, services, AppWANs, and groups
  • Added capability to Public API to  Rename a Network (the network common name displayed in console or from API)
  • Create User/Session idle timeout timer in NetFoundry Console to logout the user after 30 minutes
  • Enhanced the entry of Host services and Gateway services. Auto-fill of Intercept IP/port from network ip / port to intercept ip port.
  • Public API Enhancement: Return Endpoint registration key in response to endpoint creation request


  • While on Edit Page for Public Internet Gateway, the geographic region may be displayed incorrectly
  • When creating/deleting services, the updated list of services on the NetFoundry console service page may be delayed for up to 10 seconds. 
  • Creating an AppWan with a duplicate(already existing name), the user interface stays in the loading page until a manual refresh of the web page is executed by the user.
  • Adding several items to an Appwan,  some times ( infrequently) some of the items may fail to be added. There are currently timing issues when creating or updating an appwan that cause this issue.
  • The NetFoundry console network events page items do not automatically sort by date properly
  • The NetFoundry console historical alarms page items do not automatically filter by date properly
  • On the NetFoundry console AppWan page, some Resources(services/endpoints) may not all appear on the available/provisioned sections.
  • Infrequently, AppWan Creation Not Taking Effect on Network Controller
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