MOP Network & Latency Visualizer

To access the latency visualizer, navigate to your personal settings by clicking the user icon in the bottom-left corner. Enable power user mode as demonstrated below.



Network utilization for Edge Routers, Services, and Identities

Network utilization graphs are available for edge routers, services and identities. The network visualizer section in the console provides this information under each router / service / identity. A right click against the respective router / service / identity shall provide the graphs. Note that for networks with only router endpoint hosted services, the graph might not provide the information for the public routers.  

Network visualizer - Fabric latency data

Network visualizer now provides fabric latency data. The graph can be accessed by a right click against the specific edge router of choice. Latency data is available as P99, Mean and Max values. Hourly charts can be selected for the last one week, current day and the past day.

Network visualizer - Fabric latency with timeouts

Another informative graph that's available for each edge router is the fabric link latency along with timeouts if any. You can find the latency data from a source router to a specific router or all applicable routers in the network. The data is available for the last 7 days.

A summary is also available when you hover the mouse pointer on a edge router as shown below.

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