Creating and Managing BrowZer Applications


Browzer delivers simple secure access to any private web app based on trusted identity using only a browser.

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If this is the first time you're launching a BrowZer application, please refer to BrowZer Getting Started

Access & Manage BrowZer Applications

Access the BrowZer Applications in the console by finding the icon on the left hand side navigation menu:


Adding BrowZer Applications

!!! Please Note: The first time you launch an application the approx. time to launch will be 3-5 min.  

To add a new BrowZer application, click on the symbol at the top right of the page.


Application Name: Give the BrowZer application a name.

Primary Settings

  • Select the App Entry Point: The service that will host the application.  If no services are listed Add a Service
  • Service Requires Https:  (This features is NOT Currently supported)If selected service above is https enabled, this toggle needs to be enabled.

Public Access Point Settings

  • Public URL: This will be the name that you use to access your application. Must be unique per browzer app and must meet domain name qualifications

User Authentication Settings

!!!Please Note: These setting must match an exist JWT Signer

  • OIDC Base URL: The base URL of the authentication endpoint
  • Client ID: The Client ID of the application.  This value comes from the external JWT Signer


Removing BrowZer Applications

Select the BrowZer application you wish to delete and click on the symbol to delete.



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