Getting started with BrowZer


In order to launch BrowZer applications to an existing network you need to follow several step to activate the feature.

The number one requirement is your network must be at least version 7.3.91  Learn how to identify your network version here.


Setup BrowZer Applications for the first time

Access the BrowZer Applications in the console by finding the icon on the left hand side navigation menu:


Here you'll be presented with the following list:


1. BrowZer Enabled Network

Your network must be BrowZer Enabled with a verifed public certificate. Tap below to add a public certificate. Note there will be momentary downtime.  This process takes approx. 3-5 minutes.


2. BrowZer Enabled Edge Routers

Your network does not have an Edge Router with WSS(WebSocket) enabled. Follow the standard ER launching Guide & select WSS Enabled.


3. Unique Name

BrowZer currently supports a public domain name that is composed of a label specific to the BrowZer App and the network, like this:

Once this label is claimed by your network, it can not be changed. However, you can create multiple BrowZer App instances, each with their own distinct app label underneath your network label.



In this example we have network called contoso , so we're going to create the unique name to match the network:

When we launch a BrowZer enabled application, named myapp it would will be accessible at the URL


Once you have the prerequisites complete you can Add BrowZer Applications




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