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Please find the following instructions for resuming a disabled Teams account. The NetFoundry platform is intended for users and groups to utilize the platform for use-case testing and provide simple Cloud/DC connectivity solutions.  The NetFoundry team reserves the right to disable and/or delete a Teams  account when it is determined to not be in use. This can be noticed by whether or not the control plane and/or data plane have connected to edge resources including endpoints and edge routers. 




CloudZiti Teams overview -- FREE

What's included

  • Up to 10 endpoints
  • Up to 250 GB data per month.
  • 1 Zero Trust overlay network
  • 2 Self hosted edge routers
  • 2 NetFoundry hosted edge routers
  • 1 Cloud Region (N. America, EMEA, APAC etc)
  • DIY identity integrations via API
  • DIY management integrations via API


If the network is found to have no activity for a period of 7 days, NetFoundry will disable the network. For a period of 14 days, you will still have access to the platform and have the ability to resume your network for continued use. If you log into the web console and the account has not been deleted after effectively 21 days of non-utilization, please follow these step to resume network operations.



1. Upon Login you will notice the red bar at the top with a link to resume network. Additionally, the network globe in the upper left will be greyed out. 




2. Select the Resume network link in the top right. Select "YES PLEASE"

Your configs and network will be resumed as they were prior to being disabled.




3. In the red bar, you should see "Network resuming". Additionally, you should see the grey network globe spinning. 




4. Once resumed, you will see a Green globe and resume use of the previously created network.



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