How to get started with Mattermost community access on BrowZer

Let's look at the steps to get you started with accessing Mattermost NetFoundry community app over "BrowZer" Each customer / partner would be on a dedicated channel.


What you need -

1. A laptop / desktop with Chromium based browsers such as Google chrome, Microsoft edge, Brave etc connected to the internet.

2. An account with GIT HUB ( Cloud) or GSuite ( Gmail). The email address should be shared with your NetFoundry contact so that the identity can be created against your e-mail address. Before proceeding to you should now wait for NetFoundry to acknowledge that your Identity has been provisioned.

Step 1:

When you arrive at, you should use the 'Continue with Google' or 'Continue with GitHub' button:


If your Google account enforces 2FA, you will encounter a screen resembling the following after you successfully enter your Google credentials (otherwise ignore this step). Same is the case with your GIT hub account:

Step 2:

Once past any potential 2FA-gate, the first time you access this Mattermost instance, you will encounter the dialog rendered below. You MUST click “View in Browser”.




The first time you access this Mattermost instance, you will need to create a Mattermost account. You can initiate that process by clicking “Create an Account”…


…and then provide your email address, and self-select a username/password.



After clicking “Create Account” in the above dialog, the Mattermost system will send you an email resembling the one below to verify your email address…


Step 3: 

Once clicking “Verify Email”, Mattermost will complete your account setup and you will then be able to login to Mattermost.


Send a msg to your NetFoundry contact once you are in. Example - Message Suren as - @suren once you are in Mattermost letting the person know that  you have arrived.


You are all set!

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