Mattermost on NetFoundry BrowZer

About Mattermost: 

Mattermost is one of the most widely used self-hosted and SaaS collaboration tools. The tool was built initially for developers to collaborate and then became an enterprise collaboration tool. The tool is In use at the most secure companies and business entities US Air Force, AIG, NASA, Bosch, Nasdaq, Samsung, etc. Mattermost is an open source competitor to tools like slack. NetFoundry uses it to collaborate internally and with Partners & Customers.

About  Mattermost on BrowZer:

NetFoundry's "BrowZer" offers a simple and secure access to any private web app over the internet underlay based on trusted identity using only a browser. A private overlay network is created from your browser to access the webapp and your web app is no longer reachable over a public domain address. Currently, the product supports only Chromium browsers such as Google chrome, Microsoft edge, Brave etc.

To let partners and customers collaborate with the team at NetFoundry, the Mattermost app is hosted by NetFoundry has been made available to be accessed over the BrowZer product by users. Learn more about "BrowZer" here.

If you are interested in learning more on how NetFoundry has bootstrapped zero trust security in software defined networks, you can read our whitepaper and other resources.

Mattermost on BrowZer Deployment:

The following diagram captures the architecture of the Mattermost on BrowZer Deployment





The typical components of a CloudZiti network are explained in this video.


 Components -

  • Mattermost Application Server - Runs the Mattermost application and a ziti-tunnel process

  • Mattermost Data Store - S3 Bucket containing any files use by Mattermost

  • Mattermost DB - Aurora(mysql) database containing all Mattermost configuration and metadata

  • Mattermost Ziti Routers - Customer hosted private edge routers deployed in the private VPC

  • Mattermost Internal alb - Internal load balancer for Mattermost

  • Mattermost exernal alb - Externally accessible load balancer for webhooks and plugin use only.

  • BrowZer Gateway - a HTTP agent which facilitates bootstrapping of trusted network sessions between authorized users and Mattermost web app

Key Benefits of "BrowZer":

  • Provides highly secure access to webapps over "Chromium" browsers on any internet.
  • Based on Zero Trust networking principles with 5 layers of protection
  • Apps are made dark i.e they are not reachable on public domains
  • Integrates with existing IDPs for strong authentication
  • No need to install any endpoint or software on the device to access webapps
  • Faster onboarding of users to provide highly secure and private access to webapps
  • Routing over a globally available smart fabric with CloudZiti
  • Host webapps on any cloud anywhere; achieve secure access via CloudZiti + BrowZer. 

Getting started with Mattermost on BrowZer with NetFoundry:

You can share your email address that is registered with GIT hub ( cloud) or Gsuite ( Gmail) with your NetFoundry contact. An identity will be created and added to the NetFoundry BrowZer community along with getting started steps. You can also write to to get onboarded. 


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